Getting Started – What you should know

Branson Market Days is a juried event and participating vendors will be chosen based on product variety, originality, quality and display design. We will approve a limited number of any one type of vendors and products to reduce competition and provide the largest selection of merchandise to attendees.

The merchandise, display and presentation of your items will play a large role in who will be considered for inclusion in our show. Therefore photos of your booths at other shows or antique malls (or a display made specifically for this application) are required for vendor application. However, experience is not necessary. If you have not taken part in a sale or show before, we would still love to have you, but we will require photos of your merchandise representing your style and the items you would like to sell.

Vendors are required to participate for the show’s entirety. Vendors must make sure that booths are restocked for Saturday to ensure shoppers have an equally wonderful experience.

Booth Rental Pricing

10′ x 10′

Vendor Applications


Please complete and submit the application form found on the tab on our website. Photos are required on the application. 

We are INSIDE the Branson Convention Center at 200 Sycamore Street in downtown Branson. The AWESOME thing about our location? 1. We are working with the Convention Center and 2. Our location is P-R-I-M-E–right across from The Landing–right on Lake Taneycomo where lots of great restuarants are!

We are looking for vendors to include:

  • Antiques & Collectibles – including furniture & accessories
  • Trendy clothing for adults & children (limited boutiques)
  • Crafters
  • Handmade jewelry stamped or other creative inspirations
  • Re-purposed items used to decorate inside or outside
  • Unique gift ideas for the home or individual (monogrammed or labeled items, etc.)
  • Outdoor living and decor
  • Handmade crafts that are unique and creative
  • High quality handmade items for the home or the individual
  • Scents for the home and body
  • Industrial
  • And a little more…

All vendors will be able to pull up to the loading dock. We have a dock manager that will help with instructions as well as loaders/unloaders there to help you with anything!  Any Vendors who do not show up by Thursday for set up will lose their space and will not be permitted to participate. 

No. Vendors must set up their booth on either Wednesday or Thursday  before the event. If you are an approved vendor, you will sign up for a load in time.  No day of set up is allowed–only restocking and tidying up BEFORE the show. (yes, we check on this)

Vendors may share a booth, but all vendors must apply separately and be approved. Shared booths may experience an additional fee and still receive the two {2} vendor bracelets to enter show free.

All vendors MUST be COMPLETELY setup by 8:00pm Thursday night. Lights go off in the exhibit halls and doors lock. 

There will be no distributing of flyers or literature of any kind during Branson Market Days that has not been pre-approved by the directors. If you have any questions please email

This is totally up to you. However, only TWO bracelets per booth will be distributed at check in. (you can purchase additional bands for $5) Please keep in mind we want the attendees to be able to shop and see all your items with ease and not feel pressured. Vendors will be required to wear their issued wristbands during the show, as well as when they are entering before/during the show. If you do not have your band on, you will be required to pay to enter. PLEASE WEAR YOUR VENDOR BANDS!

Branson Market Days will go on either rain or shine, but the great thing is that we are INSIDE the Branson Convention Center, so your stuff is super safe from the weather!

All spaces will be assigned to vendors ahead of time and spaces are hand picked for you.

Yes. On your application, please make sure you mark that you need electric.  It is $60 per outlet that is charged from the convention center. We will collect that fee and turn around and pay them. 

Yes there is a public restroom on the premises available for all to use.

Each vendor is responsible to collect their own money. If you choose to share your credit card machine with another vendor that is at your own discretion.

You are responsible for providing all your own displays including tables. HOWEVER…we do not allow just a table and table cloth display for set ups–please be creative!! THIS IS A BIG DEAL…make sure you are not just setting up a table for your display. We will ask you to make changes before the show.

We have food vendors on site-and snacks throughout the show.  These items can be brought into the convention center.

Yes, we got you! We have volunteers that will be available and will be walking around. Grab one of them or a neighbor, but we want to help when we can!

Each vendor will be provided with 2 vendor entrance wristbands that must be worn during the event at ALL times, including entering the facility.

All vendors MUST set-up their booth on Wednesday afternoon OR Thursday by 8PM. We will let you know the exact times upon acceptance into the event.  To be ready for business throughout the weekend, vendors must be on site at the event no later than 15 minutes before the show and ready to conduct business. Any vendor who is not at the event and set-up by Thursday night will not be allowed to enter and participate in the show.

No. Payment for your booth is used as your deposit and is not refundable.

Booth spaces are $225/ 10×10 space. For three spaces and up for each vendor, there is a 20% discount on the third+ booth.

It is all in the details!  Please take time to plan out your booth…how will you display your products? Who is going to man your booth? Where will your business sign be displayed? How can you make pricing visible? Be creative, use Pinterest, get inspired. The more appealing your booth is, the better chance you are to be flooded with customers! ) Obviously, we want it to be all about your products, so plan ahead to make it appealing.  On our home page of the website, scroll down and there are some photos that will give you an example of what we expect. NOTE: Your overflow stock/supplies must be kept unseen (bins, storage etc)—do not allow these items to be a distraction to your customers.

We can take payment by check or Paypal. Invoices will be sent via Paypal to the email address provided on your application. Once you submit your application and it is approved, we are counting on you. We may even turn someone else away because of your application. Please only apply if you are serious. 

Please give us approximately 2-3 weeks after receiving your application via email to confirm if your application has been accepted. You will hear from us via email which includes TONS of info, our vendor only page on social media password, and then an invoice.

Yes.  You will be checking out customers at your space so please collect sales tax for all items sold.

Booths are assigned first by the previous show to vendors that have re-signed. THEN, all the new awesome vendors are then placed to balance out the show for our shoppers!

We will be making extensive use of social media, local media such as newspapers, tv and radio, online event listings and networking with businesses to promote Branson Market Days.  You can help us network by using your own blog, website, and/or social media outlets and encouraging your friends and family to come shop the market and spend the weekend in Branson!

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to contact us through our contact form by clicking below.

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